How Goldie's Wardrobe Works

We aim to make your experience as seamless as possible. All orders are sent the day after your order confirmation on a tracked overnight service. You will be provided this tracking number to follow your item from door-to-door. When your item arrives you will see an additional postage bag inside, labelled and ready to go.

01     Select Your Special Piece

Select your piece from our selection of carefully curated vintage and designer pieces.

02     Choose Your Dates

Select your dates from the day you wish to receive your item. You will have your chosen piece to enjoy for four days.

03     Return Your Item

You will receive a return bag and label with your piece, all you need to do is pop your item inside and drop the parcel to your nearest post office.

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Brooklyn & Bella

Brooklyn & Bella (BB for short).
We met in 2017, both working retail feeling a little underwhelmed… a time we liked to joke was our ‘quarter life crisis’.

Fast forward to now, a few relocations to Bali, New York and London, and we found ourselves both back home in New Zealand, knowing for once what we wanted to do; promote sustainability through vintage clothing. 

Goldie Club’s Wardrobe

Best friends share wardrobes, it’s just what we do.
From the day the two of us first met, our two wardrobes instantly became one.

We no longer purchase an item without each other in mind; and now we are shopping with you in mind too!

Enter Goldie’s Wardrobe. A selection of carefully curated goods, both vintage and new, for everyone to enjoy.

By joining our wardrobe you’re helping us slow down fast fashion, minimise our impact on the environment and extend the life of these beautiful garments. 

With love, Brooklyn & Bella xx

We love hearing about new items you'd like to see in our wardrobe, let us know → chat.goldieclub@gmail.com